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Tips for a Higher Rank for Your App

Tips for a Higher Rank for Your App

According to Statista almost 2 million apps are available in Apple App Store and a further 2,1 million apps are offered by Google Play Store, making it very likely that your app is facing a tough competition.Therefore it’s...

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How to increase your app downloads

How to increase your app downloads

With your app published on the Store (App Store and the Play Store), you are one step closer to your goal. However, it’s not the time to stop working. You must now focus on promoting your app to boost your audience. In order for your...

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Start Ups

Tequity for Startups was designed with early-stage and high-growth tech companies in mind. It doesn’t matter whether your company is 1 people or 500 people. If you’re looking to develop or grow your tech service, product or software with zero coding requirements, you might be a fit for this program.

VC firm, incubator or accelerator? Drop us a line at We offer whitelabel licenses to assist your participants in planning, developing and launching their tech.

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