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Ecommerce Apps

Increase revenue per customer and customer engagement for your online store.

Non-Profit Organizations

Engage your congregation or community in a mobile-first world to showcase your charitable work.

Workplace Communication

Immediately improve engagement and compliance with capabilities only available in a mobile app.

Content Creators & Podcasters

Distribute & monetize content, engage your audience, and build a loyal community.

Educational Apps

Improve communication and engagement with your students, one-on-one clients and customers.

Mobile Apps for Events

Set your event apart and delight your attendees with a mobile app for your event.


Intuitive App Builder For Both Seasoned App Makers and Beginners

If you are the type who likes to get your hands dirty, try out our app builder. You can either start from a blank template to make an app from scratch. You also have the option to start with one of our templates tailored for specific purposes. 

A Unique App Builder

From graphic design to content development , you manage your app from one single tool, Tequity Apps back office. Elegant and intuitive, entirely graphic, with the back office your are free from all technical restraints. You become autonomous to create your app and add the features that will make it successful.

Push Notifications

Communicate directly and instantly with your audience. Thanks to manual or scheduled push notifications, you create communication strategies tailored to your users. Push notifications are received on mobile and desktop. This is the advantage of using an app builder that allows you to offer both a native app and a Progressive Web App to your users.

User Authentication

The User Authentication Add-on opens a whole new field of advanced features. A collection of Add-ons becomes accessible, such as User Groups, to allow access to certain parts of your app to certain persons only. Chat, Community and many more features also become accessible.

Chat & Community

Manage your community and integrate an instant messaging service. Your app becomes the epicenter of interactions between your users. Offer them a messaging service so that they can exchange around their area of interest. With the Community Add-on, you create a real discovery and exchange experience, where each member manages the public and private parts of their profile with ease.

Advanced Features

You build your business, we’ll handle your app.

Most people don’t realize how much goes on behind the scenes of a well functioning mobile app. When you build an app from scratch there are hundreds of parts you’ll need to consider. Fortunately for you Tequity’s app builder takes care of all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you care about most, your business.

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